Learn how to manage finances effectively for non-profit organisations at our in-person event: Non-profit Financial Systems.

Would you like to get a better understanding of the financial systems you need for your charity, community organisation or non-profit?

Then, this is the course for you!

Non-profit Financial Systems

About the Event

This half-day course is designed especially for those people who are interested in the critical financial systems needed for the effective delivery of projects, programmes and services by community groups, charities and non-profits.

The workshop will give you a good foundation to equip those who directly or indirectly work within the financial aspects of your charity, non-profit or social enterprise to be able to establish, maintain and update critical financial systems necessary for effective governance.

Understanding and maintaining transparent financial management systems is a great way to ensure trust and long term sustainability for your charity or community group, but how do you make sure that you are following the best systems and procedures.

Attendees will leave with understanding of the key principles and methods:

  • – Principals of Financial management
  • – Role of the board
  • – Financial management systems
  • – Financial strategy development
  • – Internal environment
  • – External Reporting

Who is this course for?

Those who work with the finances for small medium charities, non-profits or social enterprises. They can be volunteers, staff, trustees, finance lead or other manager/CEO.

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