We have worked with a number of organisations and individuals over the last twenty four years. We provide guidance and advice, help in capacity building, training, facilitate cross sector collaboration and act as a central point for relevant and timely information and advice to voluntary sector groups in Newham.

Below are a few examples of the people we have worked with and supported. 


What we did: We started working with Yvonne in 2009. Yvonne came to us in the early stages of her journey into setting Survivors Together up as a registered charity, we offered consultation and advice services, helping her through the process resulting in ST becoming a registered charity by the end of that year. In 2011 Yvonne requested our help again, this time ST needed some help with a funding bid they wanted to submit to The Big Lottery Fund. We helped Yvonne through the application process, helping practically with reviewing the document making changes and advising. Early in 2014 Survivors Together were successful in winning the three year piece of funding. We continue to work with Yvonne and her team at Survivors together who have recently secured funding for the next five years. We are currently in the process of conducting an evaluation and impact report for the group.

What they do:  Survivors together are a small, charitable organisation based in EastLondon who provide regular social activities for women survivors of sexual abuse.  They have worked with, had a real impact on the lives of 69 women over the last three years, the work they do makes a real change to thos who have been affected by these issues and is often a much needed life line. ST have plans to work with up to and over 100 women in the next five years – offering real support and help to those who are in real need. We are honoured to be a contributing factor  in the success of the group in the past, the present and in the future.

Listen to what Yvonne has to say about working with the Community Involvement Unit.

Survivors together and the CIU from Aston-Mansfield on Vimeo.

visit: www.survivorstogether.co.uk to find out more about the work Survivors together do.


What we did: We have been working with Loyd and the team over at Forest Gate Community Garden since 2013. They came to us initially requesting our help and advice in setting up thier community garden and in aquiring the land needed to do so. We were able to not only provide them with advice but also help them out with a seed grant which went towards funding the consultation they needed to secure the plot of land they had thier eyes on. Since this point our role has been advisory, offering guidance in securing future loans, volunteer policy and procedure as well as impact evaluation. What they do : FGCG are a local community garden collective, they have a community garden which functions all year round and is led by a dedicated team of volunteers. The garden opens it’s doors as often as possible and works with vast amounts of people from the local community, people of all ages come and spend time in the garden, one of Forest Gate’s only green spaces. There is no selection process for those who want to be involved – it is open to all and this is reflected in the diverse volunteering team that can be seen on a saturday morning at the gardens.

Loyd Jeans on The Community Involvement Unit from Aston-Mansfield on Vimeo.


What we did: We have been working with Hailu since 2005, offering advice when he first came to us with the idea for his charity. In 2007 we helped him with an application form for some funding that would help him establish the charity – the application was successful. In 2009 Hailu moved from offices in Beckton to a hot desk space in the CIU, in 2010 Hailu moved into one of our affodable office spaces at Durning Hall. Hailu has been based at Durning Hall for the past five years and we now work with him from time to time in an advisory roll. What they do : WHEAT MST provides one to one mentoring/befriending support to refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and other vulnerable adults with different needs. The trust has worked with hundreds of individuals over the past ten years, offering 1-2-1 mentoring schemes in Newham and the local area. They hold regular events for participants and are for many a life line.


We have worked with sustainability 4 Youth, for over ten years. We have offered guidance and advice, training and help with fundraising. Sustainabilty 4 Youth, work with young people to encourage environmental and sustainable thinking and activities

The Community Involvement Unit | Sustainability4youth’s Story from Aston-Mansfield on Vimeo.