If you would like to chat with one of the team about how we can support you in your research or evaluation project – please get in touch by emailing us: anne.crisp@aston-mansfield.org.uk .

Here are some of the previous projects we have undertaken:

UCL Evaluation Exchange Project

Download Here Posters

Memorial Community Church  – Community Audit

Download here

Research by Selina Rice. An Aston-Mansfield, Community Involement Unit service.

Evaluation of Alternatives “We Are Family” project
Research by Anne Crisp for Alternatives Trust East London
Report | Summary 

‘Investing in the Big Society – The case for ESOL provision in Newham’

Lobbying Document produce by Newham ESOL exhange – an example of how good evidence can help to strengthen a campaign.

ESOL Lobbying Document 

Improving the reach and sustainability of your community building (2010)

A Good Practice Guide by Selina Rice for the London Premises Sub-group
Good Practice Guide 

For research prior to 2010, please take a look here.

All documents use the PDF format and require you to have a PDF Reader. You can download a free version here