The role

Aston-Mansfield Charitable Trust (AMCT) has an endowment and a property portfolio, which is used to support the operating charity Aston-Mansfield, and a number of small local charities. Both organisations are beginning the implementation of new strategies, which for AMCT means focusing on improving the value and profitability of its property portfolio.

Our new Trustee will bring much needed generalist legal expertise, helping with a variety of legal matters. AMCT is a well-established trust, working alongside Aston-Mansfield, a community development organisation based in Newham, East London.

This is an exciting time to join AMCT, as it progresses plans to redevelop one of its main sites, and to maximise the value and profitability of the rest of its property portfolio. It’s sister charity, Aston-Mansfield, is beginning the implementation of a new strategy including growing its work with children and young people, integrating its programmes, establishing a new ecosystem of children, youth and family work in local areas, and developing social enterprise.

Organisationally, AMCT aims to become more financially sustainable, and to strengthen its capabilities in managing its property portfolio. AMCT currently has 5 Trustees, whose expertise includes finance, corporate governance, investment management and property development.

Person description


  • Generalist legal expertise
  • An ability to translate this expertise into the context of AMCT
  • Ability to communicate clearly and work constructively with others
  • Tact and diplomacy
  • A willingness to listen to the views of others but also to speak one’s mind
  • Ability to work effectively as a member of a team
  • An understanding of the legal responsibilities and liabilities of a trustee
  • An interest in, and commitment to the mission, values and activities of AMCT



  • Voluntary sector governance experience

What impact the opportunity will have

The new legal Trustee will have a significant impact on AMCT’s effectiveness, by ensuring that it is appropriately advised on a variety of legal issues. This will improve the organisation’s ability to manage its assets, thereby generating increased value and profitability, improving its financial sustainability and its ability to support Aston-Mansfield and other local charities. 

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