There are over 85,000 children and young people living in Newham, will you be the next leader?

Youth4Youth is a free leadership programme for young people aged 16-19 who live or study in Newham. It will build confidence, skills and resilience in young people and will encourage and support them in undertaking targeted action and campaigns in Newham. Every young person will receive regular 1-2-1 coaching sessions as they grow in their leadership.

We want to bring together an annual cohort of young emerging leaders from across the borough to:

·    Unlock your leadership skills, learn how to; network, present yourself, research and more.

·  Mobilise other young people across Newham’s diverse communities building a movement of young campaigners who will participate in innovative activities.

·   Respond to issues that matter to you. Co-produce services with specialists. Create programmes and activities for youth in Newham.

 ·    Impact the future for young people in Newham through sharing your insights, ideas,           and experiences with leaders, policy makers, people in power and the business world. 

 Training courses 

·      Building confidence and public speaking

·      Delivering social action, and running campaigns

·      Understanding policy and change

·      Fundraising

How do I apply?

Fill in this FORM and we’ll be in touch shortly to talk about it very soon.

 What are the dates of the scheme?

Dates will be finalised once the participants have been selected, and scheduled in accordance with the academic cycle to ensure that those studying can attend all the sessions.

 Want to ask a question?

Please email: aston-mansfield@outlook.com

"We reflect the community in Newham, no one is left out, and what we create will be powerful because we are the communities of Newham."