We are happy to present in partnership with the YPP a new, fully funded Leadership Scheme for young people aged 16-19 who are based in Newham and is sponsored by The Big Lottery Fund.

Youth4Youth will build confidence, skills and resilience in young people and will encourage and support them in undertaking targeted action and campaigns in Newham. Youth4Youth will equip a core group of young leaders (Change Makers) with key skills and will provide the means and the networks to enable them participate in building the future youth provision in Newham as well as supporting them to pilot new services.

This programme has been shaped with the significant input of young people who, despite the challenges they face, expressed a strong desire to learn how to lead their own lives and contribute to a better future for everyone in their Borough.

What is it?

YOUTH4YOUTH is a leadership scheme bringing together an annual cohort of young emerging leaders from across the borough to:

  • Unlock your leadership skills, learn how to; network, present yourself, research, speak to power + more. Learn how to have big dreams and make them happen.
  • Mobilise other young people across Newham’s’ diverse communities building a movement of young campaigners who will participate in your innovative activities.
  • Respond to issues that matter to you. Co-produce services with specialists. Create programmes + activities for youth in Newham. Have a huge impact on the things that matter most.
  • Impact the future for young people in Newham through sharing  your insights, ideas, and experiences with leaders, policy makers, people in power and the business world. 

Who are we looking for?

Changemakers You are our leaders, you are full of passion and ideas and have a desire to make more happen in Newham. You know your borough best, you know where it's strengths and weaknesses lie.

Youth4Youth will help you launch your own projects around the borough, it's up to you what they are, we're just here to help...You identify the issues and come up with dynamic and original ideas to solve them, making your Newham the best it can be.

As the leadership team you will be expected to galvanise your peers to take part in your chosen action and to get on board with your campaigning. You will learn to evaluate your projects and plan for sustainability through building local partnerships 

You will be the leaders of a new youth led movement in Newham.

What will you do? 

Training sessions you will become equipped with all the skills necessary to put your plans into action. These training courses will range from

  • building confidence and public speaking
  • delivering social action, and running campaigns
  • understanding policy and change
  • fundraising

You will learn how to present yourself, how to speak persuasively, how to network and meet people in positions of power, you will learn how to engage with others, how to plan your action and how to find the best way to tackle the issues closest to your heart in Newham.


Every young Change Maker will receive regular 1-2-1 coaching sessions as they grow in their leadership.


We will create chances for you to meet with inspirational individuals who have been successfull in taking action in their own lives, from people in business to politicians to creative pioneers.


There will be some funds available to help make your idea and campaign into a reality, these will become available once the campaign/idea has been decided upon and signed off by your cohort leader.

Who can apply

If you are reading this and you are excited and filled with passion, ideas and motivation aged 16 -19 and live in Newham then you can apply!

How do I apply

Fill in this FORM and we'll be in touch shortly to talk about it very soon.

Is Y4Y accessible

Yes. we are looking for a diverse group of young leaders that represent the vibrancy of Newham in all it's identities, and abilities.

How much does it cost

Youth4Youth is fully funded and you will not be required to pay for any of the training, events or materials. Additionally, you can claim back reasonable expenses during the scheme such as travel costs.

Where will it be held

The entire programme will be delivered in London, and your project will take place in your local community.

What are the dates of the scheme

Dates will be finalised once the participants have been selected, and scheduled in accordance with the academic cycle to ensure that those studying can attend all the sessions.

Want to ask a question

You can email Youth4Youth coordinator Yasmeen: [email protected]