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Currently, we help 4815 people and organisations in east London, making a huge impact across all our projects. Right now we have some fantastic support from just 112 people and organisations, whose generous donations allow us to deliver this work – but we’re looking to raise this to 200.

We want to Create Stronger Communities but we can’t do it alone; even a small donation can help our work reach more people.

So donate today and join #TeamAM : our wonderful champions who are helping us make a difference to the lives of people in need across east London.


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Centres Programme


Author: Jenny Millman

3, 2, 1...Blast Off!

The latest SupaPlay Saturday reached new heights as children and parents made unique pieces of art by launching paint rockets high into the air resulting in a satisfying splurge of paint onto their canvasses below!


Author: Jenny Millman

Individual Volunteers

Interested in volunteering? Watch to find out about one volunteer's experience whilst volunteering at Aston-Mansfield.


Author: Jenny Millman


The CIU provides a range of directories for the voluntary and community sector.


Author: Jenny Millman

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    Check out our upcoming SupaPlay Saturdays - a series of exciting and free drop-in play events for primary school aged children and their families. Read more

  • First Aid Training

    We are offering the opportunity for organisations to receive Emergency First Aid training which is approved by the HSE and valid in the workplace. Read more