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VACANCY: Professional Playworker

We are looking for a Professional Playworker to join our experienced and highly qualified childrens work team. If you are interested please contact Samina Dyer for details.


Little Manor Play Project

(at the Froud Community Centre)

requires a professional playworker

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Newham Faith Directory back online

You may have been aware that we had experienced some difficulties with our faith directory, recently.

A short time ago was hacked and had a number of links to unsafe websites added into the pages.

We took it off line to ensure that we could clean it up. The website is now clean and we are pleased to announced that it is back up and running.

Thank-you for your patience and should you notice any errors in the content please do not hesitate to let us know via the contact page.

Telephone Issues at Durning Hall

Unfortunately we are experiencing some ongoing issues with our telephone system at Durning Hall. Please be advised that if you cannot get through, if you ring the number: 020 8555 0142

you will be able to reach reception and they can transfer your call to the appropriate person.

Many thanks for your patience as we work to resolve this technical issue.

REPORT: Responding to family poverty in Newham

You should by now have seen our directory of responses to family poverty in Newham. This sign-posting tool has been created from the feedback from a mapping process we undertook earlier in the year, looking at organisations and services responding to families in Newham who were struggling financially. We have now published a supplementary report to accompany this directory and look a little further into the responses to our initial survey.

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EVENT: Time-banking with Economy of Hours (Echo)

You are warmly invited to join us for lunch at Durning Hall to find out more about time banking for organisations. 

Find out how your organisation can benefit from what’s on offer in the Echo network, and how time banking can help you make the most of the resources you already have.

Timebanking for organisations pdf

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EVENT: informal ESOL

Do you work with people who need help with English

Thursday 24th October 2013, Durning Hall, Earlham Grove

10am – 1pm

This free event looks at how we learn English outside the classroom, specifically English for Speakers of Other Languages or ESOL. You will find out about what is available in the borough, have the opportunity to promote your project or network and be given valuable resources to help you support people with ESOL needs.

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Good Practice Guide for ESOL Classes

The partners of the Newham ESOL Exchange, of which Aston-Mansfield is a founding member, have come together and developed a good-practice guide around establishing new ESOL Classes

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Vacancy for Newham ESOL Exchange Outreach Worker (Part-time) – NOW CLOSED


Aston-Mansfield Community Involvement Unit is seeking to recruit an experienced community development worker to the new post of: Newham ESOL Exchange Outreach Worker

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