We want to see more children, young people and families in Newham and east London leading happy healthy lives, realising their potential and unlocking their ambition. 


Using an integrated and community focused approach we will make long-lasting change, offering opportunity, community and inspiration to children, families and young people in Newham and east London. 


We want our environment to be: 

  • Warm and welcoming, keeping everyone safe 
  • Based on mutual respect, with staff and volunteers who are trustworthy
  • Inclusive, where everybody has a voice and is heard 
  • Honest: doing what we say we will, and communicating clearly and transparently
  • One which is nurturing and supports people to grow 

We will:

  • Put children and young people first, and at the centre of what we do
  • Support and encourage diversity and aim to treat everyone fair 
  • Strive to be connected to local communities 

Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement 

Aston-Mansfield is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the organisation and all of the work that we do. We recognise that discrimination and unconscious bias might exist within our organisation and are committed to taking steps to identify and tackle this. 

We aim to create a diverse Board of Trustees, staff and volunteer teams, reflecting the demographics of where we work, and the lived experience of those we support.  

Our Commitments 

Board, Staff and Volunteers 

More than half of our Management team and our Board of Trustees are from minoritized ethnic backgrounds. 

  • We are committed: to strengthening our governance, particularly in terms of diversity, youth voices and participation. 
  • We are committed: to having an approach to recruitment and retention that seeks to enhance the diversity of our board and staff teams and is reviewed regularly. 
  • We are committed: to ensuring our board, staff and volunteers receive training and support to understand and develop in areas relating to equality, diversity and inclusion. 
Service Delivery

Committing to equality, diversity and inclusion throughout all areas of our work is a vital part of us achieving our vision of seeing more children, young people and families in Newham and east London leading happy healthy lives, realising their potential and unlocking their ambition. 

  • We are committed: to creating and delivering inclusive services which reflect the demographics and identity of the local community 
  • We are committed: to creating services based on lived experience, and the needs and aspirations of those who use them 
  • We are committed: to reflecting on and implementing practices in our activities that address the structural inequalities of gender, race, disability and class, and their intersectionality. 

Aston-Mansfield is proud that our work with young people has achieved the London Youth Bronze Quality Mark Award for 2022 to 2025.

The London Youth Quality Mark is London Youth’s flagship Quality Assurance programme that provides youth organisations with a badge of excellence that is recognised by local authorities and funders.