We were so excited to be able to award two small BAME community interest companies (CIC) almost £2000 as seed grants towards their work.

AMCT Seed Grants are available for charities and organisations with an annual income of £10,000 or less, whose work benefits Newham residents with a focus on supporting and promoting health and well-being within the community. 

We have awarded Bank of Ideas CIC a £989 seed grant towards their work running different educational community projects for BAME community parents, children and adults and bringing enrichment of the community holistically

We have also awarded The Brave Project a £974 seed grant to put towards their work on suicide prevention and wellbeing services for BAME boys and young men.

Find out more about the grants and both organisations below:

About Bank of Ideas CIC

Bank of Ideas is a BAME organisation. It was set up in the interest of running different educational community projects for BAME community parents, children and adults and bringing enrichment of the community holistically.

Bank of Ideas believe diversity is power and identity lies within, so if they can inspire, educate & empower individuals with their self-esteem, self-confidence & resource within themselves; Bank of Ideas believe it will enhance our social cohesion and moreover development. 

Bank of Ideas provides:

  1. A Mental Health Support project HERE2HEAR where individuals get a free confidential nonjudgmental safe space to share their mind/worry/any life issues. 
  2. A Diversity awareness project SAVE MOTHER TONGUE for multicultural parents & children to have free inspirational and educational fun learning workshops.
  3. An Employment project WOMEN EMPOWERMENT project where women get personal development support, confidence building and business setup coaching training. Also support to develop the business.
  4. A youth project on CAREER mentoring where young children have support sessions and specially focus on CAREER/DREAM in their life. 
"We would like to express our huge gratitude toward Aston-Mansfield for their kind grant to our organisation. "With the AMCT Seed Grant we will be able to publicise our free support for residents . Which will help us to leave more impact for the residents. "Also it will help us to support our admin and volunteer expenses in a certain period."
Tanzila Zaman
Bank of Ideas CIC

Find out more:

About The Brave Project

The Brave project community interest company (C.I.C) is a suicide prevention and wellbeing service; for BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) boys and young men. Through public awareness and education, the Brave project C.I.C empowers BAME boys and young men to reach out and ask for help when they need it without fear of Judgement. 

Established in 2020, The Brave projects mission is to improve mental health outcomes, reduce the suicide of BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) boys and young men and provide better support for those bereaved or affected by suicide.

“We are very grateful to the AMCT for supporting us with this grant. “The grant will enable us to pay for our core business cost this year, improve our website, conduct mental health surveys and continue to meet local health and wellbeing needs. “We appreciate the support that we received from Kemar from the Fitter Finance program. Kemar has supported our organisation to grow by providing our organisation with support around our finances.”
Donelle Grant
The Brave Project