Back in January, a family of five (mother, father & three children) were evicted from their property in Newham after receiving an eviction letter from the council. This meant they became homeless and had to share one room at nearby hostel. On top of this, the father is presently facing deportation after being released from prison and may be deported anytime.  

The family declined an offer from LBN to move them to Birmingham because their family life had always been in London. LBN revoked their tenancy contract and closed their case and treated them as intentionally making themselves homeless and therefore won’t be offering them any further support.  

The mother’s depressive symptoms worsened due to the housing issues situation; the psychology team were unable to offer their support at the initial stage until when her social stressors (housing situation) were dealt with. 

Their case was referred to the Community Connector service to support with their housing situation. Their case was discussed at our in-house Housing Surgery and guidance was provided.  

The mother was initially referred to Community Links and they advised to make a referral to Marie Curie. A referral was made but unfortunately, they were unable to take the case. Meanwhile, the mother was successfully referred to Connect Newham for emotional support. 

Through our intervention LBN reviewed the case and were able to rehouse the family into a more suitable accommodation conducive enough for the whole family.

 Although, the property is located in a surrounding borough, we followed up with the mother to ensure that the family were able to access their local community support/resources.

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