At Aston-Mansfield we have a Street Growing Project with our own community garden based at the Froud Community Centre.  It is a great success, and we have a number of committed volunteers who help to maintain the garden on a Wednesday morning between 9.30-12.30.  

We have grown fruit and vegetables in raised beds and recycled barrels, as well as herbs in the walls of our open-access playground.  The harvest has been shared by those involved in growing it with surplus distributed to people using the Froud Centre.  

You don’t have to have any experience to get involved, but if you are keen to have a go at growing some plants and vegetables, meet some friendly people and maybe even learn something along the way, please contact John Connor on 020 8478 2468.



Previously, we have had a ‘Vegetable Fun Day’ at the Froud Community Centre, where we hosted a range of activities for families and people local to the centre.  Activities and games included seed planting, decorating plant pots, learning about cooking with vegetables, ‘Guess the Vegetable’ and even some taste testing of our very own vegetables.



There will be more sessions and events coming to Aston-Mansfield in the next few months surrounding our Community Garden, so don’t forget to check back on our website for more information and events!

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