Aston-Mansfield has launched a new crowd-funding initiative to try and raise £25,000 for our local children in the London Borough of Newham.

Why are sleepovers more than fun?
Sleepovers with friends – midnight snacks under the covers, pillow fights, talking after lights out, scary stories and secrets – remember them?

Sleepovers benefit children socially, emotionally and intellectually BUT Children from disadvantaged backgrounds often miss out on this experience. It’s not only the kids who lose out; so do the parents who get few breaks from their hardworking lives, and little time or space to call their own. This can have a hugely negative impact on personal and family well-being

How will we create this experience for the children?
We will make sleepovers happen! We will provide high-quality, exciting, overnight play opportunities for local children in our community centre. The children will be able to turn up and take part in as many activities as they wish and when they are tired be taken upstairs to sleep in rooms set up with sleeping bags.

What will we do to make this happen
Each room in our modern, purpose built, community centre will be transformed with a different fun activity: from arts and crafts, to dance activities, to inflatable play (bouncy castle games etc.).

All this will be FREE to the families ensuring that it is open to as many children as possible. Each sleepover will accommodate at least 50 local children and will be supervised at all times by our team of highly qualified play-workers.

To find out more, visit out Big Sleepover page at