At the end of the month the Fitter Finance Programme (FFP) will be coming to its natural close. For the past five years, FFP has been working hard to support many small grass roots groups in Newham that in turn do some amazing and much needed work to some of the most diverse communities.

The team have provided a wealth of training and support through 1-2-1 meetings, group events, financial toolkits and more to a wide range of groups, equipping and empowering them to support their communities.

We want to say a massive thank you to Kemar Walford and Mustafa Arrale for all their hard work and dedication on this project and for providing high-quality non-judgemental support and expertise to so many groups throughout Newham.

Whist FFP comes to a close, the resources and toolkits created will remain at our website so they can continue to support new groups and we are in the process of acquiring additional funding to continue and grow the project in the future.

Project leader, Kemar Walford, said:

“It has been our pleasure to serve and support the dedicated groups, newly formed enterprises and individuals in the borough Newham and surrounding areas over the past five years.

Although we are closing the programme, we hope the legacy of tools, resources, and digital training videos we have developed will serve to help all that work in Newham for many years to come. There are challenging times ahead and we know things might be tough in the short term, but we leave knowing there is still support available locally from Compost London.

We also wish to thank our support team at Aston-Mansfield and colleagues in the council that made this work possible. We hope it is only temporary, but we will still be around in some guise”

You can find all of the Fitter Finance Programme resources at our website, here: