As an organisation who’s aim is to build stronger communities, we believe in the power of collaboration and partnership, and constantly strive to work with organisations across the borough.

If you are interested in working alongside us, or have an idea that you would like us to colloborate with you on, get in touch here with you idea.

Youth Providers Partnership.

We work with organisations across Newham, to provide a joined up youth engagement programme spanning three wards. Details of YPP provision can be found here.


Newham Poverty Partnership.

We work with organisations across Newham to tackle issues of poverty and to work dynamically to adress them.


Funding Bodies.

We are lucky enough to recieve funding from a number of organisations, these funds enable us to carry out our work, creating stronger communities across Newham.


Strategic Partners. 



Aston-Mansfield is a part of The Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning, a fantastic 54 acre classroom which creates the right atmosphere for learning.