Aston-Mansfield has been working in the heart of east London for over 130 years. We provide a wide range of community development support and activities in the London Borough of Newham, directly delivering services to around 1000 people and 900 organisations each year.

Our two centres are open twelve hours a day, seven days a week, with some 2000 people participating in activities annually. We are also part of the Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning, which uses adventure, farm and environmental activities to inspire people to make a positive contribution to their lives and their communities.

Emphasising developmental learning and personal growth, our services bring together people from diverse backgrounds to tackle poverty and deprivation and to enrich people’s lives. We aim to improve people’s lives: working with children, young people and families, whilst also developing community groups and the voluntary sector.

Our work offers hope and practical experiences to build aspirations and create better futures. At our centres, we offer affordable space for a wide range of community activities. People have the opportunity to build social relationships, and to improve their health and well-being.

We help people to develop their organisations and support them to find solutions to the challenges they are facing. We create the space, connections and developmental experiences to enable people, facing some of the worst poverty in England, to thrive and flourish.