AMCT Seed Grants were grants prioritised for BAME groups based in Newham who supported communities with Health and Wellbeing.

AMCT Grants are no longer available. Find out more about how we can support your organisation here:

Who can apply?

Grants are open to small BAME community groups and charities that have an annual income of £10,000 or less. Groups have to be in Newham and the organisations work benefits Newham residents with a focus on supporting and promoting health and well-being within the community.

Our expectation is that all groups receiving a Seed Grant will make use of the support available from the Aston-Mansfield Fitter Finance team to help their organisation to grow and become more sustainable.

What kind of activities can Seed Grants support? 

Seed Grants can support any activity that helps a group of people to gain improved health and well-being and assist unfunded groups to take an important step forward in its development. 

For example, a Seed Grant could be used to cover expenditure such as:

  • Purchase equipment to help with the activity of your group such as IT equipment to provide virtual services to be more connected and support vulnerable people. 
  • Volunteer costs 
  • Printing your group’s first publicity material 
  • Paying for office rental 
  • Carrying out a survey or meeting on local health and well-being needs or capturing the impact on BAME communities. 

These are only suggestions – if you can explain why you need a Seed Grant; your group can request anything that helps you to start up or strengthen their activities. 

How much can we apply for and how many Seed Grants are available?

Groups can apply for up to a maximum of £1000. We expect to be able to offer 12 Seed Grants in 2022.

For further guidance notes, please click here.

To Apply

AMCT Grants are no longer available. Find out more about how we can support your organisation here:

Previous Seed Grant Recipients

Congrats to Aishah Help on receiving £1,000 from our AMCT Seed Grant; the money will support the training of their staff & volunteers who work across all projects, including the telephone support line, food and household poverty & digital inclusion for the BAME community.

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We’re so happy to have awarded Ashok Vision a £1000 seed grant, for them to continue doing the brilliant work they are doing!

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We have awarded Bank of Ideas CIC a £989 seed grant towards their work running different educational community projects for BAME community parents, children and adults and bringing enrichment of the community holistically.

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We are so pleased to have awarded Being The Cure a £1000 seed grant to help them support their Saturday School provision at the Community Hub in East Ham. The funding will enable them to procure food and art supplies.

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We are so happy to award ICAN Project a £995 seed grant, to help them get better equipment and cover venue fees and training.

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We are so pleased to have awarded Inspire Women, Men and Children a £1000 seed grant to support their work helping local BAME communities, refugees and migrants to access recourses and integrate with their communities in Newham.

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We’ve awarded Salem Health project a £1,000 seed grant, to support their work as a health organisation set up for the improvement of health and wellbeing of Black Africans. 

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We have awarded The Brave Project a £974 seed grant to put towards their work on suicide prevention and wellbeing services for BAME boys and young men.

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